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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  November 23, 2012 10:00am-11:00am PST

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quantity of my life not the quality. you're the only person i'm saying it to. knowing you has been the brightest point in an already bright 26 years. that's in my book "jack kennedy elusive hero" out in paperback. get a copy this weekend. the holidays are a great time to read this type of heroic story. thanks for being with us. have a great holiday weekend. good friday afternoon. i'm craig melvinx. you're watching msnbc the place for politics. developing news in two middle east hot spots right now. protesters tear gassed in egypt and there's been a possible break in the truce between israel and gaza. plus back here the 2016 chatter is getting louder today with reports that jeb bush is seriously considering a run for the white house. plus -- some walmart employees trying to take a stand on this black friday. what kind of impact they had on early holiday shoppers. first, though, we start with
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some breaking news unfolding in egypt right now. thousands are protesting in tahrir square after the country's new president mohamed morsi granted himself sweeping new powers. violent protests have also broken out. and in the city of alexandria demonstratorsng to hijack the egyptian revolution. [ speaking foreign language ] >> president morsi took to a stage outside the presidential poll has to defend his new decree which puts his decisions above all legal challenges until a new parliament is elected. jim maceda joins me from cairo. he is on the phone, i understap. jim, let's start with the reasons that morsi has given for these new powers. >> hi craig. well morsi spoke, he came out of his presidential palace a few hours ago to address his
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thousands of supporters at that point, gathered around and that's what he told them. he said that he had to take this extreme step because there were opponents of the revolution namely and specifically the prosecutor general, he would be likely the supreme court like our supreme court chief justice and several other judges that they were interfering in this what has become a tedious, difficult, paralyzed process of writing egypt's new constitution. he called them quote weebles eating away at egypt's nation saying that egypt really does risk losing this moment in its history unless that process speeds up. he has decreed that there will be a vote that -- in two months time there will be an election, i should say, the parliamentary election. a vote on the new constitution. the problem is that those writing the constitution they're all islamists and that's
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because the liberals and secularists and nonislamist groups have boycotted the process because once it became clear that they were going to be a minority and morsi and the muslim brotherhood were intent on having land, so in the streets right now, you've got in tahrir square several thousand maybe 10,000 anti-morsi protesters claiming that morsi is in the middle of a power grab to make him a virtual dictator and about five miles away from that at the presidential palace a smaller number, but a large number of supporters who believe that morsi -- who do believe morsi when he says that in two months time things will be fine there will be elections, a constitution, new judiciary and parliament. you've got on the sidelines of this administration at tahrir square the usual number not many, maybe two dozen, three dozen or so kind of professional protesters who are throwing stones at police and
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then, of course, getting this barrage of tear gas in reply. back to you. >> we should note here jim, taking a live look at tahrir square as you were speaking. we just saw some of the protesters that you mentioned, some of the thousands of protesters who have assembled there. jim, it seems at least from the outside looking in that all of this sort of campaign out of nowhere in terms of it happening, it unfolding? >> no. it didn't come out of nowhere. although it's not something that has been on the international radar so much. it's been a very -- it's been local politics and it's -- it has been for months now a problem. it was triggered most recently because -- and it gets into the weeds a bit, but because there was a demonstration on monday marking the year anniversary when those 42 people were -- protesters were killed if you recall, many of them were involved in the revolution and they were protesting the fact that there had been no justice at all done for the victims of
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the revolution. 800 killed something like 11,000 wounded during that period of time and basically the court, which has a lot of remnants, judges prosecutors, from mubarak's day, didn't push didn't push a prosecution. so they were demonstrating. there was more violence then on monday and this continued on. then, of course, it was bubbling at the time late last night, when the presidential spokesman came out and decreed, made this decree turning morsi i should say into what his critics are calling a pharaoh. hence we have the demonstration and counter demonstration. >> nbc's jim maceda from cairo for us thank you so much for that, from egypt to gaza where this week's cease-fire is already being tested. a 20-year-old man was shot and killed today by israel forces on the gaza side of the border. at least ten more people were
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injured there. the victim's family claims that the man who was shot was trying to get to his farm land on the this afternoon from both sides of the border with nbc's ayman mohyel martin fletcher in israel. we'll start with you. what's been the reaction to the shooting? >> there's definitely a sense of anger among many palestinians and palestinian factions though right now they're trying to deescalate the situation. the factions here the palestinian factions including militant groups such as hamas and others say that while this is a clear and blatant violation of the cease-fire the truce that was reached in egypt, they do not plan on retaliating. they will send a letter of complaint to the egyptian authorities in cairo who immediated that truce and they want it to be documented that it was israel who violated this cease-fire first. now according to palestinian medical sources, the family of the victim who died and others right now, the death toll is one, there are about two dozen more that were injured the in
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that shooting and they were protesting on palestinian farm land on their side of the fence and as we were told from the sources we've been speaking to they were essentially going to the no go area wherelitary prohibits palestinians from approaching to prevent any possible attacks on the israeli soldiers but palestinians wanted to protest that and they went to the fence area and that's where the shooting incident happened. part of the reason why palestinians have been angered by that over the years is because that farm land is critical to the local economy and because they are unable to reach those lands they wanted to use the truce as an opportunity to protest. >> ayman mohyeldin in gaza, thanks. turning now to martin fletcher who is in israel. we should note here at this point the israeli military not confirming the first death since the cease-fire stted. martin, what else is happening in israel right now? i know you're in tel aviv. i understand the military is confirming there's been unrest at the border there. >> yeah.
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the israelis not denying something happened they're just not saying they killed somebody. the israeli version is 300 palestinians in that location came to the fence and some of them started pulling the fence and pushing it. the one person apparently climbed on to to stick a hamas flag on the fence. as ayman said this is the 300 yard no go area israel declared several years ago when israel was worried militants were putting land mines in that area. that's why it's a no go area in that place. so the israelis say they fired warning shots to scare the palestinians away. they fired three times in the air. when that didn't work they -- there was more shooting. the israelis have not confirmed they killed anybody. and they're saying this is no the a cease-fire violation. it's one of the events that have been occurring up and down the border for a long time and they don't see it as part of the cease-fire situation. rather, an attempt to control an
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unruly palestinian crowd. that's what the israelis are saying. craig? >> nbc's martin fletcher from tel aviv for us this afternoon, thank you much, sir. appreciate that. back here the obama administration continues to try to bring peace to the region. hostilities broke out, president obama dispatched his top diplomat hillary clinton, to calm tensions on wednesday in cairo. she, of course announced that cease-fire standing alongside her egyptian counterpart. >> the people of this region deserve the chance to live free from fear and violence and today's agreement is a step in the right direction that we should build on. >> so how has the administration faired? its reaction to the crisis and what is the path forward for the white house when it comes to trying to achieve a lasting peace in the middle east? to talk about it i'm joined by politico's edward icing, and reuters jeff mason. good afternoon to both of you. >> happy black friday to you. >> happy black trito you as well. let me start with you, how has
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the administration fared in its reaction to the crisis so far? is it too early to judge? >> it's been a very difficult situation for them. the president was on the phone many times with the egyptian president trying to sort out what the relationship really was going to be with egypt in these -- in this immediate situation and in the months going forward from here and the years going forward. egypt used to be the stabilizing force in the region. egypt is a very tricky situation. you see even what's happened since the cease-fire was signed and how morsi has responded by seeming to take advantage of this moment to grab more power. it's a really tricky situation for the president and for the administration as a whole. >> jeff we just heard a few moments ago, from our correspondent there in egypt, it appears at least to some that mohamed morsi may be becoming what a lot of folks in this country suspected that he would. >> yeah. and you can bet that the white house is watching that especially closely. i mean the last few days as we
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just said the president spoke repeatedly with president morsi. it seemed like they were having the start of a good relationship that led to a cease-fire in gaza. that is a good thing from the point of view of the united states. and then the timing of this new announcement is certainly interesting and perhaps questionable because after developing that relationship after getting some international kudos for what he did, he made this move. so the white house is watching that closely and it could affect that relationship that they've been building. >> edward this was most likely hillary clinton's last diplomatic mission as secretary of state. how effective has she been? >> i don't think anybody could argue she's been an incredibly effective secretary of state and it's not just the amount of miles she's put on her plane over the last four years. she has had a record that's built up relationships that the united states didn't have in the same state over the course of these four years, all across the world in ways that have been helpful. i think when you look back four
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years ago to when president obama was trying to lure her into the cabinet and people were suspicious of whether it would work, whether this team of rivals idea could happen nobody would have guessed they could have finished this four years with a close working relationship with so much trust between them and accomplishment on the global stage that hillary clinton can claim credit for. >> jeff let's turn to another challenge facing this administration, benghazi. i want to play a sound bite here from u.n. ambassador susan rice who, of course, has come under a great deal of fire for her role wednesday. this is her defendering her appearance on the sunday talk shows in september. >> i have great respect for senator mccain and his service to our country. i always have and i always will. i do think that some of the statements he made about me have been unfounded, but i look forward to having the opportunity at the him. >> jeff it sounds like the m bass dor and sounds like the president are girding for quite the confirmation fight. no? >> i mean the appropriate time
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that she's referring to there could be talking ahead of a confirmation hearing or at a confirmation hearing. obviously it's too early for either of them to say that. the president has said he hasn't made a decision on who he wants to replace secretary of state hillary clinton, but clearly susan rice is very popular within the white house. president obama has a very close relationship with her. and she's at the top of the list. so they're upset in the white nator mccain and from senator graham. the president made that very clear at his news conference a week or so ago when he said if you're going to come after somebody, come after me. it's interesting to watch that and i think this fight is going to continue. >> all right. edward, jeff. thanks to both of you and happy black friday to both of you as well. >> happy black friday too. edging closer to the cliff. congress coming back to work on monday. they will have just a few short weeks to keep the economy out of the ditch. we're going to look into can be done and then a little later, now former congressman jesse jackson jr.'s famous
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lawmakers return to work next week they will have only a little more than a month to reach a deal on the so-called fiscal cliff. that combination of tax hikes and spending cuts many economists warn could throw this country back into a recession. the president and top congressional leaders met at the white house and it appeared they made progress. since then talks have hit a bit of a rough patch. joining me from louisville kentucky, for a progress report of sorts on whether negotiations stand right now, kentucky
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congressman john yarmuth. good afternoon to you. >> good afternoon. where do the negotiations stand right now? >> right now, this is something where the staffs of the leadership in both the house and senate and white house are trying to work through possible think they're making a lot of progress and, for instance, one of the ideas that was brought up by republicans was, just eliminate the preferences on the first $380,000 worth of income for those people making more than that and charge everybody 35%, which means that people wouldn't have to vote to raise the highest rate. the problem with that is people like mitt romney and many other very, very wealthy americans all it does is raise their taxes about $30,000 which is inconsequential. it has no impact on deficit reduction or very little. so far there haven't been any what i would consider to be really sincere efforts at reaching some kind of accommodation on revenues.
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>> this week speaker john boehner said that the health care law should also be a part of the negotiations. he wrote this in the cincinnati enquirer. saying in part the president's health care law adds aive, expensive, q8unworkable government program at time when our national debt already exceeds the size of our an't afford it and we can't afford to leave it intact. the white house saying this is off the table, that this is a battle that has been fought and won. does the speaker's request, does it make the talks more difficult? >> no. i think what he's doing there is basically trying to throw a bone wing. you know, but there's a factual problem wi according to the cbo, if you repeal the affordable care act it adds trillion to the deficit. so if you're trying to get deficit reduction the affordable care act actually helps with deficit reduction. it doesn't hurt it. so, you know, again i think this is just posturing right now. we have so much common ground.
10:19 am
this is the scary thing. we agree on the taxes shouldn't go up on 98% of the american people. we agree that these across the board spending cuts should not go in effect because they woxquld damage the economy. all we're fighting over now is tax rates on the top 2% of earners. this seems like something seems as if also based on what i've read and listening to the president and speaker boehner, it also seems as if both sides are trying to position themselves alluded to bases, trying to position themselves to save some face with their respective bases. trying to figure out how they keep the rates intact but also generate more revenue. you alluded to it. i want to put up a screen here. a full screen but "the new york times" reporting today, one suggestion being floated increasing taxes, keeping the rates the same meaning, for instance, that the entire of someone making 400,000 will be taxed at the top rate. is this something that would be
10:20 am
acceptable at all? >> no. again that's what i was describing earlier. all that does is raise taxes about $30,000 regardless of how much money you make. people making 10 20 $50 million, would only have to pay $30,000 more. that's just like, you know, a nice dinner for some of those people. >> that's a heck of a dinner. >> this is not the concept of balance and fairness that i think most of the people in the country support. if we're going to ask the very wealthy to actually participate in a balanced approach to deficit reduction, it's going to have to be more than that paltry amount. >> i want to put this on the screen, some exit poll numbers from election night that shows that support for raising taxes you can see it right there. folks when asked on election night, 47% want to raise taxes on folks only over $250,000 13% for all, 35% not for anyone. aside from that there doesn't appear to be much consensus on spending with voters split on whether government should cut
10:21 am
spending to deal with the deficit or create jobs. does the lack of consensus among voters, does it make it more difficult to tackle this problem? >> well, i think, you know, the issue here is leadership and what we need right now is the type of leadership from both sides that the president has provided and that is to talk to the american people about what the real choices are and the real consequences of not acting. i think the president has done a good job of that. rship and basically heads in the sand and say no we can't cut spending be we can't raise taxes but need to cut the deficit. again, this is mathematics. it's not complicated. i mean the solution is complicated but the reality is not. and so again, leadership i think froms what's necessary and a spirit of compromise not compromise which means only you come to our side. the republicans really have not been willing to inch toward us on the question of revenues yet. >> kentucky congressman john yarmouth, thank you.
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>> thank you craig. >> still to come assuming that it holds what will the cease-fire in thee east mean for president obama? will he try where so many other presidents have failed? first, though a big family mess at the home of halle berry on thanksgiving apparently. a case of a thanksgiving day family drama that's fit for hollywood. you're watching msnbc. is it better to be the early bird...or the earliest bird? on black friday, it doesn't matter as long as we end up here at 5 a.m. or at, starting thursday.where prices have been cut chopped, and sanded... on the most powerful tools that cut. ...chop. ...and sand. so we, or somebody on our list can do the same. more saving. more doing.home depot. the early bird gets a special buy on a ryobi two-piece lithium-ion kit, just $99. you can prevent gas with beano meltaways, or treat gas with these after you get it. now that's like sunblock before or sun burn cream later. oh, somebody out there's saying now i get it! take beano before and
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reverend jesse jackson spoke to reporters on the south side after spending thanksgiving with his family. he was asked about his son jesse jackson jr. who resigned from congress wednesday. >> he's with his family and having dinner and having prayer. >> is he with you here? >> well his whereabouts must remain disclosed because he couldn't -- you guys putting cameras on his plate. >> the jockeying to replace jesse jackson jr. in has started. a primary and general election in the coming days.
10:26 am
one woman is dead after a boat carrying 23 people capsized off the coast of florida thanksgiving day. a large wave slammed into the 45-foot boat and tipped it over. officials say nearby boaters jumped into the water to safety. 3 of the 23 people on the boat were treated at a local hospital and released. halle berry's ex-boyf arrested after he got into a fight at the actress' hollywood hills home. gabrielle aubrey allegedly got into a fight of some sort with berry's current fiance oliver martinez. aubrey and berry are in custody dispute over their ughter. aubrey was booked and released on a $20,000 bail. for their annual football trip. thu can actually use. tragically, their buddy got sacked by blackouts. tradition! that's roughing the card holder. but with the capital one venture card you get double miles you can actually use. [ cheering ] any flight, anytime. the scoreboard doe what's
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black friday going strong. as america takes part in the biggesty of the year, millions waited in line for hours to get a crack at some of the great deals being offered by retailers this year. many didn't even have to leave their house to get in on the action. on-line sales up more than 18% nbc's jay gray is braving the elements. there he is. he's at the mall of america in bloomington, minnesota. jay, first of all, hope you're being safe out there. what are you seeing out there? >> hey, my friend. what i am seeing is a lot of people out here at the mall of going on since last night. this is one of the venues that actually started things on thursday evening. look, more than 4 million square feet in this mall more than 520 shops and stores. if you can't find it here you probably don't need it. th it continues to grow.
10:30 am
they're not just shopping. they're buying. we see these people walking through with bags filled with merchandise. that's really good news for the retailers who really need this day to kick off the holiday season w or break those businesses. but it's also good news for those who are doing the shopping because it means finding o people here they say they are. they have to work for it and savvy using apps on their smartphones to find the best deal or to compare deals and go to venders and say look, i can buy thisk; in the mall somewhere else for cheaper, will you match the price. a lot of that's good news on the shopping side as well. craig, this is something that's going to continue in this mall throughout the evening. there's actually, it's so big they have an amusement park here roller coaster and other rides. a lot of people say bring the kids, make a day of it and we'll do some shopping. reporting from the mall of america, i have been there, been on that roller coaster. i know the madness that you're in my friend. th those of you still not sure what to buy for your loved ones stay tuned.
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we've got some expert advice coming up on how to find the coolest gifts at the best prices as wejáll. that's coming up a little later this hour. you don't want to miss that. right now we want to get back to the breaking news that continues to unfold in egypt. violent protests have broken out after the new president mohamed morsi gave himself sweeping new powers. this is video just in from cairo there. year's uprising as well. joining me ambassador marc ginsberg former ambassador to morocco. good friday to you. >> good blackday to you, craig. >> letrt with theof this announcement. what, if anything can we make of president timing? >> >> it's fascinating. for his gloenlbal effort to until the ink was dry to announce this almost vast
10:32 am
sweeping eradication of separate judicial authority andthe courts and in effect further solidify his own powers in the office the presidency. it is interesting the timing craig. >> president morsi, of course worked with the white house. the new egyptian government deal of aid from this country. what is the possible impact of moration and the white house? >> you almost would want to th he was so supportive of the united states, and the efforts to broker the cease-fire he knew that in a bag of tricks that he was about to reach into that if he did this in the absence of that agreement, he could very well jeopardize the economic and military support that the united states grants to egypt. you almost want to ask yourself if it was too cunning by halfeen him act=h as a global statesman and settle his problems wj domestically without the two being interfered with.
10:33 am
what are the possible scenarios of how this could play out in the short term? >> you have basically a very divided egyptian society bec remember, mr. morsi was not only the second candidate that was the accidental muslim brotherhood candidate, but a significant plurality of egyptians are opposed to theslim brotherhood rule. as jim maceda reported a little while ago, are not only taking place in cairo but across egypt. egyptians are more sec cue hear egyptians are weary of the islamization takingot only within the different government authorities, but also throughout the country and that's really the big concern craig. these parties will clash more repeated repeatedly. >> not to oversimplify this thing, but who is the real mohamed morsi? president who helped the peace deal or is it rab over the past few hours?
10:34 am
>> i think it's both. and remember craig, he reports to the guardian council of the muslim brotherhood which is far more interested in the islamization of his country than to negotiate deals with israel or the united states. and so in the end in a final analysis the consolidation of islamic power in egypt is ultimately the primary goal of the muslim brotherhood. and they have to play lip service to the united states and to help broker agreements around the region to the united states and other multilateral donors they're going to1 do that to consolidate their power in egypt. >> ambassador ginsburg we appreciate your insights. thank you. >> have a great weekend. >> turning back to domestic politics, only two weeks removed from the last election already candidates are starting to position themselves for 2016. "the new york times" today reporting that former governor former florida governor jeb bush
10:35 am
is weioptions. the "times" quoting an adviser that says for or no. right now it's a wait and see. but he's not06 the only favorite son from florida testing the waters right now. >> let's just address rig elephant in the room because any time anyone makes a trip to iowa people start speculating about what you're going to d>yo in the future and all that. let me be blunt, i am not now or nor will i ever be a coordinator of iowa. >> pretty funny guy. here with us new york democratic strategist karen hunter in new york also republican strategist susan. both, of course, msnbc contributors. they have done their shopping got great deals and decided to come in and join us. susan, let's start with jeb bush. he's in the news today. popu popular ex-governor of a very important swing state, obviously. plus there's the belief that he could help them somewhat reconnect with latino voters. this such a tough decision for jeb bush? >> it's way too early to make
10:36 am
the decion first. for four years running for governor. you're going to have to take every hit. look what happened with marco rubio just this last all of a sudden he didn't answer a question right and gh that especiallyhave the midterm elections for congress coming up where you have people tend to run to their right or left no presidential contender wants to be out there until at least after that. although they'll try to raise some money here. >> when you go to iowa like marco rubio did last week you don't just show up in iowa to visit a friend. >> no, you don't. >> you show up -- >> he suffered the consequences of it. >> i think the republican party has a way bigger problem than, you know, whether jeb bush or marco rubio will be the frontrunner right now. i think the republican party has to figure out what it's going to stand for over the neck four years, to even have a candidate. allow the pundits and comedians
10:37 am
in your partiesñj)g or the lobbyists. >> or dmtsic party. >> limbaugh nor gist karl rove who's going to run the people. or people like susan. >> wait for that argument to be resolved. >> they must resolve that or they're going to have the same debacle we just had. >> someone else who has enjoyed the surge in popularity recently his name is christie, of course. you know him well. i want to put up poll are the poll numbers. this is in the wake of sandy, of course. >> wow. >> overall favoribility right now, 67% handled sandy well. 92%. do you think he makes his serious run in four years? >> i think he's making a serious run in 2013 when he is running for re-election of new jersey. you do not run for one race before you finish the one in front of you. >> he has certain advantages because he probably will get re-elected an then be on the national platform unlike bush who doesn't really have a state to run right now. >> right. >> and that's an important thing we're talking about, whether on the democratic side or
10:38 am
republican side when you have -- when you're a governor lik christie you can be doing your job and still keep a national profile or like andrew cuomo of new york when you're, for example, hillary clinton if she goes too quiet for too long that's another challenge. >> talk about a on the republican side it's fascinating, arguably on the democratic side it's even more fascinating in fur years. the president can't run again. hillary, few folks talking about america's happy warrior, the vice president. besides those two, who else do the democrats have? is it just andrew cuomo out there? >> i don't disagree. i don't see him as a formidable foe biden and secretary of state formerly hillary clinton are in the race. i don't see with either one of them on any major level. >> i actually couldn't disagree more in that he has been a popular governor. he can raise money. >> a ton of >> hand over fist. >> more than the other two? >> he will have already been raishe's up for re-election in 2014 so he'll
10:39 am
be coming off a strong win of that. extremely successful in new york. he's been doing exactly what people sproe mice works with republicans and/ democrats. doing very well by new york and he will be a formidable candidate. >> unlike his popular father he does not have the same kind of personality cache that the other two that >> maybe that's too his advantage because his father couldn't run for presproblems. >> everybody said to me last week, weave to let it go after this, the democratic party if they were smart, would desperately put up a woman, has to put up a woman of some sort. i don't know. for whatever it's worth. what are you doing? >> i'll run. okay. >> thanks. we appreciate. if your new year's resolution was not to procrastinate we're here to help. some plug and play holiday gift ideas straight ahead. then a little later right on time, one soldier's surprise top secret mission back home. it's a really cool story you want to see this. this is msnbc, the place for
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protect your identity for 60 days risk-free. because during the holidays, keeping your identity protected means keeping your family protected. not just between the shoppers this year also between workers and management at one of the largest companies in the world, walmart. hampton pierce is in land beover maryland with that story.
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>> it's not just black friday shoppers showing up at walmart stores nationwide today, at this maryland storm, just outside washington, d.c. we have hundreds of demonstrators supporting the effort by major unions to get better pay and benefits for walmart's 1.4 million employees. they say they're simply oyees who are speaking out and inion by workers and l. denying that there's any kind of retaliation going on walmart was busy highlighting its best response it says to its black friday sales promotion, 22 million custoanksgiving day and a record 8 to 10 million sales between 8:00 and midnight last night. also, keeparching all we're seeing around the country today there is a walmart complaint with a national labor relations board, criticizing some of thejí unions in trying to get better pay and benefits for walmart workers. to
10:44 am
pearson, thanks to you. moments ago here walmart issued a statement saying in part that the number of protests that the unions are reporting are, quote grossly accage rated and that the large majority of protesters are not walmart workers. the statement goes on to say we're going to get reaction from one of those workers that walked out coming up in our next hour. black friday marking, of course the official start of the holiday shopping season and if you are like a lot of folks, friends and family might be in order right now. help has arrived. we're joined by michael martin editor and chief of time-out new york magazine, how are you? >> very well. >> were you out there in the mad nuz this morning? >> i was. i'm going back out there. >> gluten for punishment. >> absolutely. >> let's start with the person number one on a lot of holiday gift lists everywhere. let's start with mom. what do you recommend for mom?
10:45 am
>> yes indeed. this is one of the coolest things we've seen for the season. it's the clip and grow battery operated plant. >> click and grow? >> come with special pots. mom can plant herbs, mini tomatoes and peppers. water it once. there are sensors that dispense water and fertilizer as the plant needs and only runs on four double a batteries. that's $60. click and >> click and that's probably not just a good gift for mom, that's a good gift for anyone who kills plants all the time. >> definitely. >> description services i understand are something that's really big this year. >> lot of cool subscription services. we've come a long way since the fruit of the month club not that there's anything wrong with that. one of them is for -- great for dads. sign him up for the tie of the month club. >> tie of the month. >> through he will get a tie shipped to him every month. he can choose interest different styles like traditional or
10:46 am
trendy or what they call l. >> how much does that run? >> 12 ties one a month, $199. >> again if you're -- 12 es not a bad deal. >> doesn't sound like a bad deal. >> a lot of secret santas every year. always popular in the work place. what do you recommend for some of the secret santas? is one of the hottest secret santa stocking stuffers small gifts of the season. the hexy portable iphone charger. extra power source essentially for your iphone or ipad. charge it up throughsource. you charge it up through your computer or outlet and gives you about three hours of extra comes in cool patterns. >> looks like one of those cases. >> yes, in the same vein. >> that is $35. >> what if you are going through a splurge but don't want to splurge too much? any luxury items out there? >> absolutely this is the best kind of luxury it's under $25
10:47 am
this is a cashmere box of maca rooxt roons that melt in your mouth from a french bakery. you get six mac roons in a cashmere box and only $21. >> i guess you s box. >> exactly. cashmere box. michael martin. thanks so much we appreciate that. good luck out there. >> we want to pass along breaking news, this is breaking news just in to msnbc, one of the men critically injured in the oil rig explosion last week off the coast of louisiana has died. 49-year-old died in a baton rouge hospital. the search for a third man was called off earlier this week. [ male announcer ] the rhythm of life. [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it... in your heart. [ basketball
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for men and women in uniform the holidays can be a tough time. for the spouses not exactly easy either especially when they are facing something like the birth of a child. this one military wife in washington got more than she expected when she gave birth to her son. here's kristen dahlgren. >> reporter: it could have been a much different holiday. >> may as well do it on my own. >> reporter: on tuesday she was about to give birth to a baby boy alone. >> he was the only one person i wanted to hand our healthy son to. >> reporter: her husband matt was on his miles away or so she thought.
10:51 am
[ applause ] >> oh, my god! >> reporter: matt kept this mission top secret. >> she wanted me here and iwanted to be here for her. that's why it's a big deal. >> reporter: he made it home in the nick of time 15 minutes later, the son they name gunner made his own grand entrance. >> it's just perfect. >> reporter: doctors and nurses had delayed her c section to try to give matt time to get there. it wasn't an easy trip for the 25-year-old combat medic. for a month he had been begging his superiors to let him come sx home. amanda's doctors even wrote letters but finally after more than 25 hours of flying -- >> that was the best surprise ever. it was amazing. you have to mess a lot of firsts when your spouse is in the military. he missed our daughter's first steps and it was nice he didn't
10:52 am
have to mess out on his healthy son being born. that just really means a lot. >> reporter: a lot to be thankful for. for a war hero and his family e for the holiday. kristen dahlgren nbc news los angeles. >> a thanksgiving that family will never forget. after a quick break we'll go back to cairo where tensions are flaring over what some are calling a power grab by egypt's new president. plus, back here fighting off the fiscal cliff. what some house republicans are proposing as a way to hold back financial calamity. you're watching msnbc, the place for politics. ld truth. i have a cold... i took dayquil but i still have a runny nose. [ male announcer ] truth is, dayquil doesn't work on runny noses. what? [ male announcer ] it doesn't have an antihistamine. really? [ male announcer ] really. alka-seltzer plus cold and cough fights your worst cold symptoms, plus has a fast acting antihistamine to relieve your runny nose. [ sighs ] thank you! [ male announcer ] you're welcome. that's the cold truth!
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